Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Review: Head First JavaScript

Head First JavaScript


This book teaches the reader the basics of JavaScript and explorers a few use cases and example applications. In some ways, it does resemble the other Head First texts I've read. For example, throughout this book the reader can progressively enhance a couple of example applications with what they're learning in the given chapter. Unfortunately however, the best things about Head First books fail to present themselves here. First off, this book does not keep you involved with the example code that corresponds to what you're learning. The vast majority of the time it is up to you to follow along in the example source code as you work through the book. Secondly, this book is too basic. It does not reach a wide enough audience. Essentially, if you have any type of development background, you'll get bored.


Those interested in exploring JavaScript to enhance their web applications (with the exception of those with a development background).


  • The reader doesn't have to be a developer to understand the book.

  • The reader gets to see a web site progress using the new skills he/she learns throughout the book.


  • It barely scratches the surface of JavaScript.

  • It does not hold up to the reputation of other Head First texts.


If you're a regular Joe that experiments with some web development here and there, and really really prefers a text book to online tutorials and guides, this book might be for you.

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