Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sun Certified Java Programmer

So, I'm getting ready to start working on my 2nd Java Certification, Web Component Developer. I can remember when I used to question whether or not getting a certification was even worth it. I heard a lot about how certifications don't prove anything. Anyone can memorize some material and pass a test.

I decided to work towards the Java Certified Programmer certification anyway. I made up my mind that I would at least improve my Java skills, which at the time I had only been working with Java for 6 months or so. After a few months reading SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide, taking practice tests, and putting my newfound knowledge into practice at work, I became a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

There was no question. Taking the certification was with out a doubt, extremely beneficial. The biggest factor was the amount I learned about the Java language. This was especially helpful being a newcomer to Java. Plus, it does take more than just memorizing material to pass this certification. It takes an understanding of key Java concepts and OOP, in-depth knowledge of several Java 5 features, and the ability to put these things to work.

If you're new to OOP and working with Java, or just new to Java, I strongly recommend working towards the SCJP certification. It will build your Java skills and add to your resume.

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